After booking instructions and information


After booking information/instructions (to be read in conjunction with full Booking Contract (which includes Terms and Conditions)


Thank you for choosing our property Cour de Lavande for your holiday home. We hope you have a very enjoyable stay. Believe ow is hopefully all the information you will need before and during your stay. 


Your on-site support


If you have any questions or problems whilst on site, these should be referred direct to the owner who will attend to the issue or, if this is not possible, will refer it to the management firm to deal with locally. Owner’s contact details:


Nigel and Faye White
E mail:

or administrator


Phone: 07983489400/07792682512 (+44)




Please note that all keys are coded for security purposes, and if you lose or misplace the key you must notify the owner immediately. Arrangements would be made for a replacement key to be made available (which would incur a call out charge) and if the missing key was not found after your stay the lock would need to be changed and charged to you. 


On departure, the key must be returned to the management admin or as otherwise arranged.


Reporting faults


property check will have been carried out following the departure of the previous guests but inevitably in the short time available for changeovers things can be missed. If upon arrival or at any time during your stay you find a problem of any sort that will require attention, e.g. a faulty appliance, broken or missing item or inferior cleaning, please report it to the owner immediately. This is not just for your benefit, but for that of subsequent guests. Please do not wait until you leave and then inform us, as it will not be possible to put things right before the next arrival.  




Beds will be made up according to the number of guests staying in the property as notified to us on the booking form. If the property is under-occupied and you subsequently wish to add to your party up to the maximum occupancy you must let us know so that appropriate changes can be made. Under no circumstances may guests be allowed to stay in the property who have not been included in the booking without authorisation by us as over-occupancy can have serious effects on insurance cover. Depending on the time of year, blankets may or may not have been put on – if not you will find them in the wardrobes. There will be one bath, one hand towel and a face cloth provided for each guest together with bath mats and a kitchen tea cloth/towel. 


Please take care not to permanently soil bathroom towels with make-up or sun cream 

etc, a charge would be levied if linen or towels are unreasonably soiled by guests. Please wash off any such substances thoroughly before drying yourself on towels otherwise inevitably there will come a time when towels/linen might be put out that appear soiled but from which it has been impossible to remove permanent stains. In any event there may be minor indelible marks on linen and towels due to the nature of the holiday rental business as might be expected in any such accommodation, including hotels. We ask that guests appreciate this since it is simply not possible to provide new linen for every booking as the cost would be prohibitive. 


Soft Furnishings


Please ensure that sun cream or any other product is not applied or left on when using the bedrooms as the soft furnishings will be stained permanently if allowed to come into contact with such substances. 


In particular it is a condition of booking that sun cream is not allowed to come into contact with the leather sofa and no attempt made to clean off any such substance. Fabric throws have been provided for warmth in winter and for protection of the leather in summer. Whilst you agree not to sit on the sofa at any time with sun cream on you also agree to use the throws at all times. 


Cleaning etc. 


The accommodation does not include cleaning services during your stay, although you can pay extra if this service is required subject to staff availability. There is a vacuum cleaner in the utility cupboard in the kitchen provided for your use and you also have brushes, buckets, mop etc along with a washing basket and pegs. We do appreciate that you have not come away on holiday to spend your time cleaning but the property must be kept and left generally clean. Please mop up spills as they occur and in the case of any spills on soft furnishings that will stain please report these immediately to the owner in order that swift action can be taken to prevent permanent staining.




Our agent offers a welcome hamper. There is a Carrefour supermarket in Bedoin and a fabulous market on Monday mornings in the season between April and November.


With regard to water, as in all foreign countries, you are advised to purchase bottled for drinking, as the water from the tap will be of a different mineral content from that which you are used to. 


Kitchen Equipment


We have supplied a considerable range of equipment, which is accommodated in the kitchen.  Please look in the summer kitchen in the terrace room where you will find many additional items. Please note the dinner service is suitable for dishwasher use and for the microwave. As the cleaner cannot check every item in the time available between bookings we would ask for your co-operation in ensuring that all items are washed thoroughly before putting away. Of course cupboards will be emptied and all items washed by us periodically but in the meantime please help by putting things away as you would wish to find them. If you should find a dirty item in a cupboard please bear in mind that a previous guest has caused this rather than it being our fault and we would be grateful for your cooperation in washing it rather than making a complaint. 





Drain cleaner is put down the sink monthly when the property is inspected and the drain will be clear upon your arrival. Please ensure that you do not put any debris down the kitchen sink that you would not at home – for example, greasy food remnants from plates. Please ensure plates are scraped before washing with any debris placed in the bin and run hot water and detergent down after washing up in the sink to ensure the drain is kept clear. If the internal drain blocks whilst you are occupying the property then it will be due to your use of the sink and a charge may be levied for the cost of unblocking it. There is a filter over the plug hole for a reason – please ensure this is used.  


Hot Water


The hot water is supplied individually to the property via an immersion heater. Please note that the water can be very hot and care should be taken to always run the cold first. 




Care must be taken not to overload the system as it will trip and cause an alarming burning smell by the consumer unit. This is due to the fact that the French system provides a lower amps supply to a house than in the UK for example. In the UK the supply is 80 amps whereas here we have a 40 amps supply and so we can see where the potential problem lies. To avoid nuisance tripping take care not to operate heavily rated appliances at the same time. For example please do not use the washer, dishwasher and heaters at the same time. Try and make a habit of putting on the dishwasher last thing at night when you go to bed. If the supply does trip you will find the consumer box behind the front door with a torch supplied in the lounge unit. If you turn off one of the appliances you will find everything should return to normal when you switch the power back on.



Freeview TV



You have been provided with satellite TV via Sky Freeview. Unfortunately following a move to the English satellite the signal in France is poor and many areas can no longer receive UK channels at all. However, we are fortunate to be located just within range and, whilst there isn’t an extensive range of channels, we hope you will find it adequate to keep up with news and your favourite soaps. Most channels will give you a good picture most of the time but occasionally some channels may break up depending on atmospheric conditions which unfortunately is out of our control. 


Disposal of Rubbish


In order to discourage ants, flies etc. please try and empty bins every day. Initial bin bags are provided and you can purchase more in supermarkets. The large bins in the alley way at the end of the terrace are for your use - please use the appropriate bins for different types of rubbish. 





Bédoin is a bustling and lively village, Cour de Lavande is in a quiet residential area but as with anywhere in the world isolated incidents may happen and you should be vigilant and take the same precautions as you would be anywhere.Please ensure you lock doors and windows when leaving the property and at night and remember to keep your key safe. 


As with all linked properties, noise can sometimes carry through the walls and ceilings. If you arrive back during the early hours we would ask that you take care not to bang doors or drag furniture, and always take off noisy shoes at all times when walking indoors as this can cause significant disturbance to occupants above as well as below. If you experience unreasonable disturbance yourself please inform the owner as there are community rules to be followed by all occupants.



Health and Safety


At the beginning of your stay please familiarise yourself with the whereabouts of the fire extinguisher and blanket (inside the utility cupboard in the kitchen and behind the front door). We would urge guests not to deep fry food as attention can stray in unfamiliar surroundings and a situation very quickly become out of control. If you should experience a hob fire NEVER attempt to carry a burning pan through the property or put water on a burning pan of fat – use the fire blanket immediately. There is a basic first aid kit in the utility cupboard in the kitchen and an A and E clinic in Carpentra in the unfortunate event of hospital attention being required. UK guests should ensure that they have obtained their European Health Insurance Card (previously the E111) and overseas guests the equivalent supplied by their country of residence to ensure prompt free treatment if available.


Vacating the property


Although a clean will be carried out before the next guest’s arrival, you must leave the property in a generally clean and tidy condition. Before leaving, please place any rubbish in the appropriate outside bins, ensure all windows are closed and locked up and return the key to the the owner who will attend the property just prior to you vacating it. During the March to October period, when it is likely that another guest will be coming in after you, you will usually have to vacate by 11:00am on the morning of your departure.  However, there may be times when you can keep access longer if you have a late flight for example but this will be at the discretion of the owner depending on the management firm’s schedule and must be agreed in advance.


With Kind Regards 


Faye and Nigel White(Owners)




Email contact is preferred in the first instance but do not hesitate to call if you feel the need.

 Numbers listed above.



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